Foxmoor Primary School Staff

These are the people who work with the children


Deputy Headteacher


Teaching Assistants


School Business Manager
Office Administrator

Mid-day Supervisors




Cleaning Staff


Mr R. Bridgewater
Mr A. Halsey

Miss M. Broad
Mrs L. Drewett
Mrs N. Hawes-Nunn
Mrs A. Mathers
Mrs A. Pearce
Mrs P. Rimmer
Miss I. Szescilo
Mrs S. Spence
Mrs V. Tuck
Mrs K. Exell

Miss J. Berry
Mrs A. Bullingham
Mrs J. Bullingham
Mrs R. Cowley
Miss D. Cox
Mrs B. Godwin
Miss E. Hayward
Mrs H. Hennessy
Miss C. Holley
Mrs S. Langford
Mrs B. Lewis
Mrs J. Perry
Ms A. Wigg
Mrs A. Winstone
Mrs D. Witts


Mrs J. Durkin
Mrs L. Hassall

Mrs B. Blanch
Mrs K. Cordon
Miss J. Perry
Miss S. Perry
Mrs J. Bassett
Mrs K. Doda
Miss C. Holley
Mrs N. Scimeca

Mrs P. Burda
Mrs J. Perry
Mrs P. Waterfield
Miss S. Perry

Curriculum Responsibility

Designated Safeguarding Lead and PSHE
Senior Leadership Team, Mathematics and DDSL

Religious Education
Senior Leadership Team, SENDCo, early reading
Early Years Foundation Stage & Geography
Science and MFL
PE and School Sport
Senior Leadership Team, English and DDSL